Our story

EAST was founded in 2009 and has experienced a successful growth over the years. We are divided into 4 sales departments EAST DK, EAST EU, EAST Nordic and EAST ESP.

EAST DK and EAST Nordic are located in Ikast, Denmark. EAST EU has their office in Dusseldorf and Berlin and EAST ESP is located in Barcelona.

Our production office is located in Guangzhou, China. We are more than 220 dedicated EAST colleagues spread around the world, but with one common goal to create good results and have satisfied customers.


Our ambition is to have passionate motivated employees and always have closeness to our customers.

We strive to be transparent and realistic with our goals. We are reflective about our actions and work constantly to become better. We focus on the environment and offer sustainable solutions.


Contented employees result in contented customers. Customers are our priority. Focus on the market and the latest trends are our standards.

We regard our customers as being co-operation partners.  And we strive to meet all your requirements requested. And if it is not possible we have a very competent team in Guangzhou who will, in co-operation with our customer, always use their expert knowledge to find the best solution.


We have our standards which carry the core values of our company.

Our standards are that everyone is content with their day-to-day work, talk openly about expectations, challenges and keeping an open mind with regards to bringing value and openness to our customers.


We want to create value for our co-operation partners and be the leading private label supplier in selected markets by working hard and dedicated every day.

We don’t want to be just a brand or just a sign EAST. Instead, we want to be your business partner in developing fast and sustainable fashion.


Guangzhou, is the heart of our company. We are very proud of our staff in Guangzhou, where we have more than 200 employees.

This includes pattern makers, QC, fabric sources, merchandisers, a production team etc. in addition to our Chinese staff we have Danish specialists whose main focus is to create new systems for future growth.

We have EAST sample rooms near by our office where we make proto/samples. This gives speed and flexibility in our sampling process.