Sustainable Products


We believe it should be easy to buy products that have a reduced environmental impact for all our customers. 

Every six weeks we launch a collection that consists exclusively of sustainable materials. 


We are aware that a large part of our negative environmental impact lies in the choice of materials. We offer our customers a wide range of ‘better materials’ such as certified organic, EcoVero and recycled materials. 

It can often be a challenge for smaller companies to order certified fabrics, as the minimum order quantity is often high. We offer our customers our normal low minimum of selected better materials, as we are purchasing larger quantities that we can share amongst our various customers. In this way we are supporting our customers in making use of materials that are less harmful to the environment than their conventional counterpart. 




We have our standards which carry the core values of our company.

Our standards are that everyone is content with their day-to-day work, talk openly about expectations





The Better Cotton Initiative exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sectors future, by developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity.

EAST is a member of BCI and we can offer the BCI cotton BCCU for all cotton garments delivered by EAST. 1 KG lint cotton = 1 BCCU.

The use of BCI-cotton logo and Hangtag is licensed by our customers. Therefor your company needs to be a BCI member.


The recycled polyester we are using are produced from used plastic bottles. All recycled polyester comes with the certificate from Global Recycled Standard or Recycle 100 Blended Claim Standard.




We are offering the ECO-vero viscose by Lenzing.

The use of the Lenzing ECO-Vero viscose logo and hangtag is licensed by Lenzing for your brand.

We are testing and verifying the fabric we are using, but your company must do the brand registration to be able to use the logo and HangTag.

For now we are offering 2 qualities, where we can offer our normal minimums for dyed and printed fabric. For other qualities the MOQ is 10.000 meter for the greige fabric.

Trim & Packing Materials

We can offer more and more sustainable trims and packing material.

As the customer requests differs and the situation changes day by day in China, we for the time being are working according to customer needs.

Ask and we will solve in the best possible way for your brand.